Join the Canton of Nordleigh for a weekend of flying pointed things under the direction of Idonea and Crispin.

Archery and thrown weapons activities will take place on both Saturday and Sunday, May 27th & 28th, and lunch will be available (for an additional fee) both days. Inspection and camping set up take place Friday evening, the 26th.

Their Royal Highnesses’ Archery and Thrown Weapons Champions will be chosen at this event.  The Archery Champion will be determined on Saturday; Thrown Weapons Champion will be selected on Sunday.  More details TBD.

Camping will be available (included in site fee), bonfires will bring us together each night, and court may be held at the pleasure of the Crown.

Attention spectators!!!  If you want to volunteer at this event, you may be able to enjoy the mid-day snack and dinner for free. See the “Volunteer” page for details!

We need gate volunteers!!!  If you can help out for a couple of hours, it is a great way to meet people.  Just sign up for a slot!!

Please note:

  • Site is outdoors on uneven ground, so plan for shade, bug spray, a chair and anything else to make yourself comfortable
  • There are animals (chickens) on the site and this event will take place outdoors, so plan accordingly based on the weather.
  • There is potable water and porta potties on-site.
  • Site is wet.
  • Camping is available and is covered in the site fee.
  • You can bring a shade fly to use during the day.